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We do not operate an automatic system, we manually sign you in, when this is done you will receive an e-mail confirming your details and a temporary password that you will be able to change in your profile.

The reason for this is we have had a lot of problems with hackers and spam merchants, this for the time being is the simple fix to stop problems.




Most of us here met on Goldwing Riders, it was a shock when David announced that he was to close the forum down completely. The forum had brought together a range of members from all over the country and also from the 4 corners of the world. In reality a forum is the only way that the members could keep in contact. Friendships had been formed, some members had even met up on a couple of occasions, surely we could not let this happen.

Welcome to

We are a group of Goldwing owners, friends who could not any longer find anywhere to meet up and chat. what did we do? We clubbed together and set up this Forum. Those of you who use other Goldwing forums will may just recognise some of the people here. Along with a lot of knowledge about owning and riding Goldwings, we also have a distinct sense of humor.

Please feel free to sign up and join us, at present we are still working on the site so may I suggest you refresh your browser fairly often to allow you to see the latest additions, we will keep you updated on our progress, both here and within the forum.